Clear Workshop Retreat

A Process for Facilitating Change.

A beautiful little mountain town, a country estate, fresh open air, and you find yourself at the center of it. This is a four-day experiential retreat and workshop where you will move through the process of change happening within you.

“The sequence of change starts with the individual becoming clear first. How do we transform the world? We transform the world, by transforming ourselves.“

The ‘Clear’ Process

About the ‘Workshop Retreat’

We have facilitated this process with individuals and teams across various industry sectors with a conviction that is fuelled by the humbling realisation that the results we achieve together have always been greater than ourselves.

For Individuals:

How do we become clear? It happens at first, all of a sudden when we wake up in confusion. It raises questions about who we are, where we are from, and why we are here. It is part of our adult development and maturity. Rather than have answers like before, you find yourself questioning everything. It plays out practically, impacting your career, relationships, family, and often even your spirituality. It becomes a tension inside of you, a polarity, that you feel with urgency, knowing that the rest of your life is from here on. Our task and responsibility in becoming clear are to be productive in this tension, in other words, to bring curiosity to our confusion.

For Teams:

This process brings clarity to what they can uniquely express and deliver that the world of tomorrow needs. It has been particularly useful for new or transitioning teams to have this roadmap for navigating their ever-changing environment. To have high-performing teams within a healthy culture is a challenge faced by organisations more than ever before. We observe that the results high-performing teams achieve often come at the cost of their personal health, leaving destruction in our society. Teams that are clear and express their unique contribution, automatically reflect back to their environment, as an invitation, a challenge, and the change towards a healthy culture and sustainable results that matter.

Clear as a process for facilitating change can be applied beyond the retreat and workshop as participants will not only move through their own process, but will also experience the structure of the process. It, therefore, enables participants to apply the process in facilitating change firstly within themselves, and then with others (teams) and ecosystems (organisational culture) too.

Origins of Clear:
We have not invented this process. Rather, we have observed and travelled with the nature of change within and around us. Clear is our attempt to document it in order that we might move and align with it.

Why have we found to move and align with the nature of change as important?

    – it allows ‘the spirit of creation’ to express wholly through us.
    – if we don’t, we will experience a disconnect firstly in ourselves which will compound into our world. We call the process of expressing with confusion – unclear.
The Tools:
What makes the process unique is the simplicity it offers while its depth stretches right to the core. Systems psychology, Growth psychology and Self Actualization psychology dance beautifully while Meta-States and Meta-Programs provide the lights and music.

We are grateful to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants in order to bring you this simple, yet profound process in a 4-day experiential retreat.

What you need to know

How do I sign up?

You can apply by clicking on this link and completing the form below. Once you have been approved we will send you a confirmation an initiate your sign up process.

Where will this be hosted?
The Rosendal Country Retreat , Rosendal, Eastern Free State.

Travel schedule: We depart together from the Sandton Gautrain Station at 10 am on 21 September & arrive back (Rosebank Gautrain Station) at 3 pm on 25 September.

When is it?

21 – 25 September 2023

What is the cost?
Regular @ R45 000 p/p
Non-Profit @ R29 500 p/p


Regular Rates apply to corporations, donor organisations, philanthropists, impact investors, consultants, etc.

Reduced Rate applies to: non-profits, social leaders, individuals, community activists, members of the academic community, etc.

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