We believe true transformation happens within.

Education is about inspiring that which is already within you, that which is valuable and true to your highest potential.

We do not intend to reform traditional education as we see it in our world today, but rather to transform it in alignment with what the world of tomorrow is asking of us collectively.

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The Language of the Mind

The language of your mind determines how you experience your world.

As we represent things to ourselves on the inner screen of consciousness which we call “thinking”, so we signal our bodies. This then puts us in a mind-body state of consciousness.

The Language of the Mind is a practical course on how to run your own brain.

Language of the Mind
Structure of Genius

The Structure of Genius

This course will enable you to ‘step back’ from yourself to witness your own experiences and respond as you choose to.

It gives you the power to rise above your challenges and ultimately live from your highest intention and responsibility in alignment with who you are.

Clear Workshop Retreat

A Process for Facilitating Change.

A beautiful little mountain town, a country estate, fresh open air, and you find yourself at the center of it. This is a four-day experiential retreat and workshop where you will move through the process of change happening within you.


Becoming Clear

A customised offering where we partner with leaders, teams and organisations in order to become a catalyst for a sustainable systemic result in service of what the world of tomorrow needs. It is two fold; as leaders we can be either the greatest obstacles to, or the ideal enablers of the results that matter most.
Language of the Mind

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